At Instinctive we've always focused on what the customer wants and delivered the results in the most natural way possible. In November this year, we celebrate our three year anniversary trading as Instinctive Photography. A name given to us by a customer when Jon Scrimshaw simply worked under his own name.

The wings in our logo signify our desire to keep things natural, we are birds on the wing, taking in the views around us and looking to serve those who are like minded with a passion for the outdoors, heritage, vintage, life events, love, the arts, education, community, charity and new business ventures.

In terms of our vision, we seldom stray far from our key passions and interests. It's important that your photographers or film makers are always as excited about your imagery and telling your story as you are.

Instinctive has become a flock of birds, with an extended team of talent capable of photography, film, drone, virtual reality, IT, bloggers, marketing and event partners, all working together seamlessly to serve our customers.

We are proud to say that almost all of our work is by recommendation or repeat customers.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on the journey x