It's not really about us...

I'm Jon, photographer and owner at Instinctive Photography.

It's never really been about us, it's always been about our customers.

Families, businesses, couples, media and charities are what has shaped our brand, service and style, a customer even changed our name!

From our base in central England we can comfortably cover most regions.

Instinctive's roots

My own journey into retail photography began in 1986, working for an independent photographic retailer serving and advising professional and enthusiast photographers. This involved sales and coaching in the latest equipment of that time. I'd be tasked to be an expert in all cameras and darkroom processing equipment in order to offer customers the best solution for their needs. My retail experience led to me working for a household brand for twenty years, becoming a business development manager for a market leader, incorporating my photography at every opportunity and in my leisure time. It's this experience and also being a parent that helps me serve our families and corporate clients today.

So, here we are. Customer demand has shaped Instinctive Photography into what it is today, our focus being purely on what the customer needs. It's gone from serving one family into networks of friends and families across the UK, all recommending our services, given that most have careers, we've been invited to take care of their workplaces and businesses too. As lovers of heritage and the outdoors, our photographic journeys have got us noticed too. We're lucky enough to shoot for stately homes, prestige magazines, visitor attractions and country estates, which has led us to now living in a historic farmhouse, part of the Buckminster Estate between the Vale of Belvoir and Rutland, in historic central England.

Our customers not only shape our business, but they've shaped our lives!

So, where are we going next? Let's walk in your shoes for a while and capture the images you need, see where it takes us...

We have all of your photography needs right here, its not just me. Dionne, Andrew, Adam, Debbie and Alex to name a few, all fly under our wings, covering everything above plus magazines, weddings, film, high fashion, celebrities, world rallies, drone, virtual tours and more.

Meet the team, see our work