In auto modes, your camera will try and think for you, often giving you unexpected and disappointing results. It's a little like expecting an automatic car to get you to your destination by slipping into drive with your hands off the wheel. You'll get somewhere, but it's not going to be pretty!

One to one coaching

We take a quick look at your current images and guide you in overcoming your concerns. Coaching is tailored to your needs and camera, giving you the confidence to capture those all important images you always dreamed off. Sessions are £50.00 for two hours, you can take as many or few as you like. Sessions are informal and fun, learning through hands on experiences in beautiful settings.

This service is provided in Buckminster, but we will travel for an additional charge to a venue of your choice.

Coaching for Groups

Whether you are a couple, group of friends or a business looking to give your marketing team some extra tools to do their jobs, group coaching can be a fun way to learn. Again, we look at what you need to gain from coaching sessions, we've trained visitor attractions marketing staff, independent business from all fields, estate agents and groups of friends. Sessions are informal, fun, interactive and very progressive. Learning through hands on experience. Get in touch for pricing, group discounts apply.

Basic Photography Edits

Post production of your images is something that whilst scary at first, helps give an edge to your overall images. Shooting in RAW to gather more detail and data, post production in tools like Lightroom can really take you to another level. For many photographers, post production is where they put their stamp on images, you'll see people going from bright and vibrant to matt and toned down high contrast. It's just a matter of taste. Price varies on location of learning.

Street Photography & Analogue Film

Street photography is a popular hobby for many photography enthusiast and shooting with film is also making a comeback. We're pleased to offer you an introduction into street photography in Lincoln by Andrew of's passion is street photography and shooting with vintage film cameras and digital. He also blogs and podcasts with other photographers from around the World. Sessions just £50.00, group discounts available.